Will Schuester needed for this awesome RP! Were all friendly, and caring and ACTIVE! Emma currently ships wemma, so if your a wemma shipper that would be awesome! We have all our Glee kids, but they don’t have a teacher, so please if you’d like to roleplay Will please consider us - I’ve been in many RP’s before but this is by far the best, were like a family and very active and loyal :D If your interested and want to find out more information or to apply please go here: wegleerp

*Smuts allowed - Rated R

*The Glee students are attending Senior Year at McKinley High. Who is dating who? What are they doing to make a living? What goes on during their free time?

All of this is your choice.


P.S. We Have a few more places to fill also, mostly teacher roles like Sue, Ken, Beiste, and Carol (Finns mom) & Also Becky!

Thank you - :)

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